International chapel has various departments that cater for spiritual and specific needs of church members and the community at large. You are welcome to join any of these departments if you want to make a difference. Please contact the Pastor for more information.

The establishment of a Sunday school department in RCCG parishes is not optional but mandatory. This department is the teaching arm of the church the goals of the department are:

– to instill through the teaching of the Word, the authority and integrity of God’s Word in the lives of individuals;

– to be an effective avenue for imparting knowledge and enhancing understanding of God’s Word and by so doing, helping members to grow in their faith;

– to raise disciples who will integrate the Word of God back into the society by developing them as leaders and also by them being used to promote the vision of the RCCG.

The main responsibility of the Sunday school department is to teach members of the International chapel parish biblical doctrines as set out in the guidelines of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Directorate of Christian Education. This involves making use of the Bible, Sunday school manuals and other tools to effectively treat the weekly topics.

Departmental Activities (meeting date, times & venue):

Sunday school preparatory meeting holds every Saturday by

Prayer Department is the axe and weapon war for the church.

To pull down the activities of the kingdom of darkness, making the enemies to be our footstool by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bringing the church as body of Christ and individually up into an high mountain of prayer, thus enjoying uninterrupted fellowship with our Father in Heaven, which eventually becomes our lifestyle. Ultimately, the church will be known as a praying church.

ICCI voices are responsible for leading the people of God to the presence of the Majesty through songs of praise and intense worship during all services.

The choir and the musicians prepare the people for the teaching of the Word of God through their worship.

Objective/Purpose of Department:
•    Bringing down God’s presence through soul inspiring songs of praise and worship.

  • Ministering the word of life to the hearts of men through special inspiring songs.

Objective/purpose of Department:

1.Preparing new converts for baptism

2.Preparing new converts for spiritual and total maturity

3. Building believer’s capacities for vineyard fruitfulness

Departmental activities (meeting date, times & venue):

I. Every Sunday (Before service)

ii.16 regular studies

iii. One hour, church auditorium

Worker’s in training program is packaged to equip believers for service unto God and the edification of the body of Christ.


  1. Every Sunday (Before service)
  2. 20 regular studies.
  3. Church auditorium

The Sound & technical department is responsible for the audio requirements of the church. The team first and foremost provides the necessary sound engineering for services and other programmes to a professional standard.

In order to provide the congregation or visitors the opportunity to repetitively listen to life changing messages preached from the pulpit, sermons are recorded for the church library and duplicated through CDs for sale.

This department further ensures the Public Address system and recording equipment is updated according to the church’s requirements and available budget. Messages are made available mainly on CD but MP3 formats can be provided on request.

The Sound & technical department consists of several skilled members and trainees this department is always seeking more volunteers as this is necessary in meeting the department’s vision for full audio/visual recordings.

Objective/Purpose of Department:

•    To make every meeting (Sunday service, Digging deep, Faith clinic and other special services) seamless and enjoyable by providing excellent and professional services.
•    Provision of audio and multimedia services

Objective/Purpose of Department:
Every member of the church is expected to be a member of one house fellowship center so that we know ourselves more intimately and be each other’s keeper.

Departmental activities:
Every Sunday of the month-Except 1st Sunday between hours of 2pm-3pm, at various cell centers.

The department caters for the less privileged in the church. We use welfare activities to bring the unsaved into the fold.

We administer security, orderliness and the observation of protocols in all church events.

Objective / Purpose of Department:

  1. Welcoming members, guests and visitors into the church auditorium or venue of church events and politely directing them to their seats.
  2. Monitoring and ensuring orderliness of people’s movement and conduct during church events.
  3. Collection of all offering during events.
  4. Attending to the needs of congregation during an on-going service
  5. Waiting on the pastors and ministers for errands to meet official needs uring and after service.

Objective / purpose of welcome department:

  1. To take the details of every visitor that comes in to church at every service.
  2. Familiarize visitors with the program of the church and get to know them better.
  3. Give them a phone call before the end of the day appreciating them for fellowshipping with us.
  4. Pray with them.

In this department, we work towards fulfilling God’s heartbeat which is winning souls. We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month by 9.00am before we reach out to our community.

For men of all ages, focus is on prayer, which will be held monthly on 3rd Sunday after service and every last Saturday at 10:00 am venue church auditorium.

For women of all ages, focus is on prayer, which will be held monthly on 3rd Sunday after service venue church auditorium.

A place where children are taught Christian living using concepts they can understand. It is a bridge builder, preparing them for congregational worship. The children are taught and equipped for a fulfilled Christian life using appropriate activities, experiences, praise, worship, biblical instructions and prayer.
This ministry is targeted at children aged 0-12 years old who are eager to learn, willing to praise and pray and most importantly ready to have fun. Our objective is to cater for the development of the TOTAL child, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.
Departmental Projects
Library set up
Choir & drama group
Etiquette & self esteem building
Departmental Activities

This department is in charge of cleaning the sanctuary and the surroundings of the church. The sanctuary is cleaned weekly; the surroundings of the church will be cleaned once a month.

Objective/purpose of department:

The cleanliness and keeping the whole church & it’s environs in good and healthy condition

The department provides counsels on academics, marriage, spiritual matters, nutrition, career, finance, legal

Objective/purpose of Department
To prepare intending couples for marital bliss in the lord
To provide knowledge for couples on marriage(Hosea 4:6)  many homes are  suffering due to dearth of knowledge.

Every Sunday after service.

Objective / Purpose of Department:

  1. Collating lists of names of new converts and visitors at church events so as to follow up.
  2. Assembling and keeping statistical data of new convert, old, current and new church members to monitor their attendance and advise the pastorate for possible actions where and when necessary